23 November 2019

This is a space for you...

We are constantly working on the website to extend its features, to make it even more useful. Our aim is to support the RC helicopter flying as a sport and as a hobby as well. If you are selling RC helicopters, spare parts, components, accessories as a dealer or manufacturer, then we have got something for you...

We are analysing our contents time to time. We just noticed, we introduce people, report about events, talk about products, but where to buy them???

Ooops. This is why we just launched the dealers collection here.

And you want to be advertised on a website, which has tens of thousands page loads, more than 9000 followers on Facebook, simply because you cannot reach as many people as we can.

This is not just a simple page, your logo appears under all article contents time to time, and in particular contents this will happen in the body texts, so many people will see you much more likely than on any other way. Don't forget that, we are followed from 130+ countries.

However our idea have to be tested, and we don't want you to risk. This is why we decided to create TEN free test slots.

This is a giveaway

The test phase is three months long from now on. The TEN free slots are available to retailers or factory webshops only. They last as long as they last. When they are gone, the test phase ends for everyone else. No registration fee, no monthly fee during this period for these free slots.

So you want to be here, you want to get listed on RCHELICOPTERHU.UK, because we reach many people, we are followed from many countries, and this is a good way to grow your business. You will have your own intro page, which will appear under article pages regularly. Displayed companies are random selected every time now, we will tune the selection later to make more appropriate the RECOMMENDED SHOPS list underneath the article contents. 

To dos

  • First, contact us via Facebook messenger or phone (+44 778 827 2852).
  • Send us the details and your intro for your page, like in this preview below.   
  • Don't forget to provide your media materials, like images (2000 × 1500 px minimum), PDF files and/or video URLs.
  • You can also list your brands, but we need the logos in high quality transparent image or vector format.
  • Check your preview out


During the test period no fees at all, this is a free opportunity. Later on everything depends on the demand and the success of this test phase, and this part is not decided yet. We design the service first, then it's being implemented, the price tag comes later.

This listing plan is cancelable during the test phase, at the end of the test phase, or later as well, and it remains cancelable later as well. Don't miss out, nothing to lose

Act now!

Example page

Your company
Your slogan

Webshop: https://yourdomain.com/

Phone (+44) 01234-567-890


Mon-Fri: 10:00-17:00
Saturday: 10:00-12:00
Email: support@yourcompany.com

Your intro text comes here, it can be as long as you want no limitation including images, which can open in a photo gallery as well. Or if you want, you can embed videos from Facebook, Youtube or any other channels with embedding feature.

Also possible to include PDF document or even a frame for your external embedded content like featured products. This area can be customised on a wide range, just talk to us. 

This is our October insight report, since then few of the numbers are outdated, like we doubled the Facebook followers.

Do you want to list all your brands? No problem at all, here is a good example, how it can work on a responsive way.

And finally, don't forget to show, where you are located. Like this.

Your location

Bing Map: { coordinates = 51.500871, -0.121759, pinTitle = This is your business, pinSubTitle = Of course not, infoBoxTitle = Just a famous place - Your company, infoBoxDescription = Come and see London here: Westminster Bridge. Your address can be here., zoomLevel = }