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  • mini comet crash.PNG

    SAB Goblin Mini Comet - crash and goby Dunkan Bossion

    A video from Italy: Dunkan Bossion flies a Goblin Mini Comet fast, then crashlands it. Nothing happened, show go must go on. No damages, heli flies again. To be honest: the heli itself wasn't enough - he has got the good reaction time to switch it off promptly, the rest is consequence of light, small but strong helicopter and physics.
    20 June 2018
  • TR600XN.jpg

    Almost... Nice saving with 600XNTail blades touch the ground

    Alan Szabo Jr is flying with Align T-Rex 600XN. Suddenly the heli got too low and touched the ground. That bad noise came from the tail, throttle hold and nice landing followed it.
    18 June 2018
  • align demo team.jpg

    Align-trex models Sunday demoHelifest

    Three helicopters in the air: all nitro ones. Align-trex models team fly an amazing demo with three helicopters. It's true, only two comes down on the usual way. Third could not make it. It's uploaded with no editing, uncut as a preview what to expect about Helifest from us.
    17 June 2018
  • marius gehle.jpg

    Marius Gehle flight performanceat Helifest

    Just uploaded on youtube: Marius Gehle was flying an insane 3D show.
    15 June 2018
  • Nik Johnson.jpg

    Video footage by Nik Johnson - the commentatorHow the Helifest is set

    Nick Johnson made and published this video on his Facebook page about the scene of Helifest.
    15 June 2018
  • goblin770sport2.PNG

    Goblin 770 SportTareq Alsaadi in sport style

    It's not a typical Tareq flight with a Goblin. Tareq Alsaadi flies this heli in light sport style. It still looks amazing, but something different. Just published by SAB.
    12 June 2018
  • goblin kraken.PNG

    Another Goblin Kraken videoFrom SAB Heli Division

    The video is not new, but one of the initial videos about Goblin Kraken. It's not published who flies the heli, but based on the maneouvres and the style most likely Tareq is flying.
    11 June 2018
  • hqdefault.jpg

    SAB Goblin 770 SportIntroductionary video by Bert Kammerer & Kyle Stacy

    As it's known first kits will be dispatched on 12th June (next Tuesday). However we know more about this helicopter than before. Bert Kammerer and the BK Team was playing with one of the first ones, and they share some information with us.
    10 June 2018
  • Alan Szabo TR550X.jpg

    Low head speed and wind with Align T-Rex 550Xby Alan Szabo Jr.

    A light flight like dancing by Alan Szabo Jr. with an Align T-Rex 550X which is configured to low RPM.
    08 June 2018
  • kyle stacy goblin 570 sport.PNG

    SAB Goblin 570 Sportby Kyle Stacy

    One more Goblin for today. Kyle Stacy is flying insane with Goblin 570 Sport . This is a must see performance again: not just because the heli, because of Kyle as well.
    07 June 2018
  • tareq goblin kraken.PNG

    Tareq flies SAB Goblin Kraken prototypeFirst video is online

    Tareq Alsaadi tests the Goblin Kraken protoype. As we know so far, the helicopter will be available by end of this year. It's a really strong, agile heli. And if Tareq thinks it's impossible to break it, it's certain, it cannot break at all.
    07 June 2018
  • FL9Q3703_small.jpg

    Vario Open DayGräfendorf, Germany

    Vario was holding its open day on 12th May. A selection of pictures taken about the event has just published on the facebook page of Brilliant Pictures Photography who took them, and we have got this entire album from. We would like to say thank you again. Both pictures and Vario scale helicopters are extraordinary quality.
    05 June 2018
  • 20748193_1814243541939078_8457372281442037609_o.jpg

    Tamas Toth demo flightJust in from Sokoro RC, Győr-Ménfőcsanak (Hungary)

    5th Jetmodell meetup is happening now in Hungary. We just got this live video from there - thanks Zoltán Dobrai. Tomi (Tamas Toth) flyes an amazing show.
    02 June 2018
  • blade fusion 480.PNG

    Blade Fusion 480By James Haley

    Blade Fusion 480 comes here. This is an extremely agile smaller helicopter with seemingly astonishing flying capabilities.
    01 June 2018
  • Ben Storick TR700X.jpg

    Night flight by Ben StorickAlign T-Rex 700X - San Diego FunFly

    here is a new amazing video again. Now we can see a flawless night flight performed by Ben Storick at the San Diego FunFly. Ben flyes an Align T-Rex 700X through the light of reflectors.
    31 May 2018
  • alan_tr600xn.jpg

    Alan Szabo Jr and the new Align T-Rex 600XNin 30mph wind

    This video just arrived from Alan Szabo Jr. As it can be seen, he flyes in his general style as we got used to it: not sparing this helicopter. And it's also obvious, the helicopter is a well constructed aircraft again. The new Align 55 engine performs quite well.
    30 May 2018
  • tr450lp.PNG

    The new Align T-Rex 450 LPThe first videos arrive about this heli

    The new member of Align family is T-Rex 450LP. This model is available in shops now, therefore the first videos are arriving now. This is one of the first UK ones by
    27 May 2018
  • Goblin Kraken

    Goblin KrakenThe newest SAB helicopter

    As we reported earlier, SAB has revealed its newest model on Grand Opening Day, the full black carbon fiber Goblin Kraken 700. The promotion video speaks for itself as well, we can see a neither cheap nor weak helicopter again.
    27 May 2018