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  • IRCHA Jamboree 2020.jpg

    IRCHA Jamboree 20205-9 August 2020

    The IRCHA Jamboree offers you the chance to meet companies and pilots from all over the world. The IRCHA Jamboree is our one chance each year to spend time with an all helicopter crowd at the best flying facility in the world.

    05 February 2020
  • Northeast Heli Jamboree Crop.jpg

    The 18th Annual Northeast Model Helicopter JamboreeMacedon, NY, United States
    28-30 August 2020

    The 18th Annual Northeast Model Helicopter Jamboree that will be held Aug 28th - 30th 2020 (Fri-Sun) in Macedon, NY at our RAMS flying field. (Does Not fall on Labor Day weekend this year)

    05 February 2020
  • RC Heli Hooligans Chill Out.jpg (1)

    RC Heli Hooligans Chill Out 2020Knightdale, North Carolina, United States
    7-9 February 2020

    Here we go folks, the third annual RC Heli Hooligans Chill Out 2020. Night flying, Pilots Dinner, Combat, Paintball, pilots only raffle for a new Heli, and a kick ass time for sure.

    28 January 2020
  • RIP Ray Morey Jr..jpg

    Raymond Morey Jr aged 69 diesU.S. community loses a good friend

    Raymond "Ray" Morey Jr. passed away in Florida, United States on Sunday morning - reported Bobby Watts. He was a well known member of the USA community.

    27 January 2020
  • Chi Town FunFly.jpg

    Chi - Town RC Heli Fun Fly 2020Chicago, Illinois, United States
    20 June 2020

    This is our 4th year hosting the Fun Fly. Pro and novice pilots are all welcome to fly and have fun. Must have a current AMA card to fly at this event. Hope to see you in the field and let's have fun meeting and greeting old and new friends!!!!

    23 January 2020
  • Bert Kammerer Kyle Stacy XNova Team managers.jpg

    Kammerer and Stacy to be Xnovamotors Team managersBert and Kyle to lead the Xnova team in the United States

    Just announced on Facebook: Bert Kammerer and Kyle Stacy have got the honourable team manager titles in the United States. As they are good ambassadors of XNova for very long time, this decision is not questionable at all.

    19 October 2019
  • Heli Domination 2019 001.jpg

    Heli Domination in VirginiaAnd family domination as well

    Shawn Wilcox, Cliff Lewis and the guys at Fluvanna County Radio Control Flying Club (FCRCFC) have shown how they understand the #KeepRCHelisAlive, and they created an awesome event, the Heli Domination which was held in Palmyra, Virginia in the United States last weekend.

    20 May 2019
  • 56349247_1093764654128617_6437793902371012608_n.jpg

    TORCHS Spring BashFlorida, United States
    6 April 2019

    With recommendation of Kyle Stacy and Bert Kammerer - THIS WEEKEND! Going to be an amazing time, if you are in the area, or even if you're not...you have to come out to the Spring Bash. It will be the first USA event that the Kraken is shown at!

    04 April 2019