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  • Rotor Live 2019 054.jpg

    Rotor Live 2019 photosPart 2: Flights and people

    During Rotor Live 2019 the flighs were also really interesting. Not just the 3D, the scale model flights were also spectacular and astonishing programs. And of course nothing could happen without the people there including organisers, pilots, staff and visitors. This collection is about all of them.
    15 March 2019
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    Dunkan Bossion & SAB Goblin KrakenPhotos from Rotor Live 2019

    This collection contains few photos taken about Dunkan Bossion and the Goblin Kraken demo. This is the demo, when Dunkan flew the Kraken with red smoke and sparks. So if the helicopter itself wasn't enough spectacular in Dunkan presentation, these efects made this show unforgetable,
    15 March 2019
  • Rotor Live 2019 018.JPG

    Rotor Live 2019 photosPart 1: expo and sale

    We have taken many photos at Rotor Live. Pictures taken at the expo are selected in this collection. Just this part of the event itself worth a day, there are that many things to see.
    13 March 2019