Helifest 2019
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  • Rachel Plant Mikado Logo 700.jpg

    The hobby of rich people: indeed?Emotions by loving helicopters

    I keep listening time by time: this hobby is for rich people. Well, we know how many of us aren't rich at all. There are many-many pilots with cheaper, older stuff, older models. Many of us can have one or two helicopters only - not even the best ones. And there are few others with 8-10-12 helicopters, most of them latest versions, but this is is not so typical. Which hobby is cheap? If you do it well, none of them.

    Szabó, Péter - pgpetike
    25 June 2019
  • Helifest 2019 Sunday 017.jpg

    Helifest 2019and Weston Park Model Air Show - Sunday Photos

    Sunday, the last day of Helifest 2019 was the sunniest day, but it was really gusty. That's why many crashes happened. However this was the first and only day, when it was possible to take better photos than in the previous days - except in the tents, where everything got yellowish, so the Mexican style sepia effect is not intentional...

    21 June 2019
  • Helifest 2019 Saturday 014.jpg

    Helifest 2019Photos from Saturday

    Saturday, second day of Helifest 2019 was a little bit better than Friday, although still wet. The scheduled program was suspended time by time because of the rain. Lights were terrible, honestly we didn't know how the pilots could see their helicopters sometimes.

    20 June 2019
  • Helifest 2019 Friday Set 052.JPG

    Helifest 2019Friday photos

    Friday, the first day of Helifest 2019 wasn't ideal for flying at all. The almost continuous torrential rain has flooded the ground turning everything into a marsh. Just the most determined pilots tried to fly. Therefore the people spent the time mostly in the tents. This album is a collection of photos taken in the afternoon.

    19 June 2019
  • Egodrift Tengu Thumbnail 2.png

    Premier: Egodrift Tengu 2520HS 1880kVWhen the box opens first time

    This is the moment, when the brand new EGODRIFT Tengu 2520HS 1880kV motor is seen by camera first time in the world. Toncsi is the lucky one, who was opening the box. This motor is designed for 450 size helicopters and perhaps the best available in the market.

    18 June 2019
  • Helifest 2019 001.JPG

    Helifest 2019 - wonderful year againA short summary and competition results

    Helifest 2019 closes the gates for this year, but the countdown has started to the next one. Helifest 2019 was even greater, better than in the previous years. Despite the weather, many pilots, even more people attended Helifest, and all competition rounds, demos and programmes were taken in place without any cancellation.

    17 June 2019
  • Helifest.jpg

    Saturday summary of HelifestPremiers, demos and competition

    Many things happened on Saturday. There were two premiers, the new Tarot 550/600 and the Egodrift Tengu 2520HV 1880kV were presented to the public. Competition was held in three classes. The weather wasn't that bad, although the gust was dodgy causing many crashes.

    16 June 2019
  • Helifest 2019

    Helifest begins Heavy showers welcome the people

    Not that bad actually, than the forecast was originally, but it is not too ideal either so far. Moderate weather was mixed up with few showers on Friday. The Weston Park Model Air Show started this morning, pilots, companies and visitors are all arriving.

    14 June 2019
  • Helifest 2016 video.jpg

    Throwback: Helifest 2016rchelicopter.hu attends Helifest for 4 years now

    This was that Helifest where we were attending first time. At that time, the UK edition - rchelicopterhu.uk - didn't exist yet, however the 10-year-old Hungarian edition reported from the venue.

    13 June 2019
  • Gabriele Rovere Soxos RB1RC.jpg

    Heli-professional welcomes Gabriele RovereNew soXos team pilot at Helifest

    Just a day ago Heli-Professional became premium sponsor of Helifest, when the Swiss company promised to introduce a new team pilot. And now the new soXos pilot announced. Heli-Professional and RB1-RC welcome Gabriele Rovere.

    12 June 2019
  • SOXOS by Heli Professional.jpg

    Helifest premium sponsor: soXos by Heli-ProfessionalJust in: Last minute announcement

    Heli-Professional will sponsor Helifest this year, so the Swiss company will have dedicated demo time with team pilots, and visitors can get closer the the new flagship, the soXos Strike 7 as well. Information is confirmed.

    11 June 2019
  • Tarot 550-600.jpg

    Tarot 550/600 about to arriveAvailable by end of June, flying at Helifest

    It was reported earlier, Minzhi Zhi at Tarot is working hard on this revolutionary helicopter model. More or less information got published about the progress so far, but we have got some great news now.

    11 June 2019
  • Helifest 2019.jpg

    Helifest 2019 - One week to goWhat to know so far - Weston Park Model Air Show -

    Only one week left and Helifest is here again. The biggest event in the United Kingdom, one of the major events in Europe will be next weekend. What to expect, what to know so far, we collected few things.

    06 June 2019
  • helifest.png

    Helifest 2019Weston Park
    14-16 June 2019

    Biggest RC helicopter event in the United Kingdom. As in the previous years it will be held with Weston Park Model Air show together. Many programs, retailers, numerous pilots and brands will represent themselves.

    15 February 2019