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  • helifest.png

    Helifest 2019Weston Park

    Biggest RC helicopter event in the United Kingdom. As in the previous years it will be held with Weston Park Model Air show together. Many programs, retailers, numerous pilots and brands will represent themselves.

    15 February 2019
  • 1911701_608969725854567_1697729932_n.jpg

    Rchelicopter.hu at Rotor Live 2019Live reports from the venue

    We look forward the weekend of 9-10 March now, because we will attend at Rotor Live and report from the venue in live. All preparations done now.

    14 February 2019
  • rotor live crop.jpg

    Rotor Live 2019Iffezheim, Germany

    All kind of helicopters, demos, contests, famous pilots and everything for RC heli fans. Many scale models, jet turbine powered models and performance helicopters will be at the venue.

    14 February 2019
  • rotor live 2019 video.PNG

    Rotor Live 2019 - TeaserIffezheim, Germany

    Rotor Live is one of the greatest event throughout the year in Iffezheim, Germany not far from Baden-baden. Visitors will be awaited with many programs, numerous manufacturers and retailers, known pilots. This is the trailer video of the two days long event.

    14 February 2019
  • heliwood video.jpg

    Heliwood 2018 Video SummaryThis was Heliwood 2018

    Thank you all for coming to Heliwood, flying there or just attending the event. And thank you all following us online as well. We hope, you enjoyed it. Here is a little video summary from EMH SE Heliwood Team. See you next time :)

    17 August 2018
  • IMG_6464.JPG

    Heliwood 2018The Hungarian heli festival

    The Hungarian RC helicopter festival was held last weekend. Many feedbacks and memories arrived to the organisers so far. It's time to summarise what and how happened.

    15 August 2018
  • IRCHA Jamboree 2018

    What's on the weekendEvents around the world

    This week including the weekend is really busy in terms of events. The most important is the IRCHA Jamboree in the United States not too far from Indianapolis in Indiana. Then there is the F3C Euro Heli Series Denmark round in Aabenraa which follows the UK round finished prematurely last weekend. And if this is still not enough, there is the Helidays Battice in Herve, Belgium.

    03 August 2018
  • F3C F3N.jpg

    F3C / F3N World Cup - Day 2Cancelled simply

    Yes, the second day has been cancelled finally due to severe weather conditions. Which means it was impossible to fly in that gust and rain. Therefore the preliminary results remain final results as we reported yesterday.

    29 July 2018
  • F3N buckminster people.jpg

    F3N World Cup Event, BuckminsterPreliminary results of day 1

    The F3N World Cup UK is happening in Buckminster, at the BMFA National Centre this weekend. First day is over, preliminary results just arrived.

    28 July 2018
  • SCHC Helifest.jpg

    Southern HelifestSouth Coast Helicopter Club

    RC Helicopter festival in Dorset this weekend. Admission is free, camping and flying cost peanuts.

    26 July 2018
  • F3N.jpg

    F3N World CupBMFA Buckminster

    F3N World Cup will be held at the British Model Flying Association National Centre - Buckminster. Pilots will compete in "set manoeuvre", "freestyle" and "fly to music " rounds. There will be night fly as well on Saturday night. Camping is possible. Fun fly is going to be available to everyone.

    20 July 2018
  • 20180715_122545.jpg

    White Horse Fun Fly 2018Flying for fun

    Last weekend was full of programs for RC helicopter fanatics. One was the White Horse Fun Fly in Westbury, where more than hundred people gathered together to make the weekend amazing. It was a very friendly party for little ones and grown ups.

    16 July 2018
  • F3N Cuffley 021.jpg

    F3N competition in Cuffley Next round of F3N GBR

    This weekend was really busy for RC helicopter fanatics in UK. It was hard to decide where to go, because at least two major events were held in the country. One of these was in Cuffley near to London.

    Ryan Henson
    15 July 2018
  • WHFC.jpg

    White Horse Flying Club Fun Fly 2018Ooops.. We just got informed...

    White Horse Flying Club in Westbury will hold the annual fun fly event this weekend. This event is located not too far from Bristol, about 90 minutes driving from London (okay, M25 at M4 junction). Come and let's see, what's happening there.

    12 July 2018
  • 35971698_1407061099395304_4043404674856910848_n.jpg

    3D ChampionshipBMFA Buckminster

    As every year, 3D Champinship will be held in September. But now the event is organised to the National Centre of BMFA instead of the previous location. Camping is possible from Thursday night to Sunday night. Also plenty of hotels located in the nearby.

    21 June 2018
  • Helifest 2018 - set 3 - 069.JPG

    Helifest 2018 - PicturesPart III.

    The last set of Helifest 2018. Includes retailers' helis: Align, Mikado, SAB Goblin, XL Power. Sponsor tents: Align-TRex Models, Midland Helicopters, Kontronik. Demos, people and some other things to see at Weston Park Model Air Show 2018

    19 June 2018
  • IMG_2854.JPG

    Helifest 2018 - PicturesPart II.

    Helifest 2018 in pictures. The second album with amazing Goblin demo, nitro helis, smoke and even more smoke. And people, moments, emotions.

    18 June 2018
  • IMG_2228.JPG

    Helifest 2018Final results

    We closed an amazing weekend with many programs, funs and a competition obviously. The weather wasn't the best both on Saturday and Sunday, but all pilots made it perfectly. Everyone has flown the maximum or even more. Neither rain nor wind nor clouds could stop them. There were few crashes, two-three did look so nice, but everyone kept all safety rules, and to be honest, it's really hard to fly flawless in that pressure caused by stress. Congratulations to everyone!

    18 June 2018
  • Pöting Turbinen Meeting - Brilliant Pictures - 16.jpg

    17. Pöting Turbinen MeetingAmazing photos from Brilliant Pictures Photography again.

    Thanks to Miachel Laskus at Brilliant Pictures Photography again. We just received this brilliant album (literally and figuratively) about 17th Pöting Turbine Meeting from German. This is a traditional meeting of jet powered RC helicopters, where beautiful and huge RC helicopters turn up. Enjoy the album.

    14 June 2018
  • IMG_3977.png

    Helifest UK 20185 days to go

    Only 5 days and it's happening again: Helifest UK 2018 in Weston Park Model Airshow. This weekend has been good for the last training flights, so now we need to hope only, the next weekend will be similar to this one.

    10 June 2018