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  • Chi Town FunFly.jpg

    Chi - Town RC Heli Fun Fly 2020Chicago, Illinois, United States

    This is our 4th year hosting the Fun Fly. Pro and novice pilots are all welcome to fly and have fun. Must have a current AMA card to fly at this event. Hope to see you in the field and let's have fun meeting and greeting old and new friends!!!!

    23 January 2020
  • HeliElit 2020.jpg

    HeliElitCompetition, Hungary

    A freestyle competition in Pécs, Hungary. Cross scoring system, all levels are welcome. Details are being organised.

    23 January 2020
  • Repuljunk Egyutt Fun Fly.jpg

    Let's Fly Together - Fun FlyPecs-Szilagy, Hungary

    One day in Southwest Hungary, close to the Austrian, Slovenian and Croatian border. A real fun fly in almost summer weather and amazing mood, topped up with beautiful landscape.

    23 January 2020
  • Styria Heliparty Hofkirchen.jpg

    3. Styria-HelipartyHofkirchen bei Hartberg, Austria

    A lovely weekend in Austria. A great heli party with Austrian pilots and few others from other countries. A breath taking landscape for flying near to Graz, Vienna and the Hungarian Szombathely.

    22 January 2020
  • Northolt High School Sport Centre Building.jpg

    Indoor FunflyNortholt High School, London, United Kingdom

    F3N UK organise the indorr fun fly this year again at the well known Northolt High School Sport Centre, near to Heathrow Airport in London. Helis up to 450 (320) class and fixed wing models are welcome. Three Saturdays in January, February and March.

    22 January 2020
  • Rotor Live Splash.jpg

    Rotor Live 2020Iffezheim, Germany

    All types of helicopter, demos, contests, famous pilots and everything for RC heli fans. Many scale models, jet turbine powered models and performance helicopters will be at the venue.

    01 December 2019
  • Global 3D dates change.jpg

    Global 3DVenlo, Netherlands

    This is one of the most important RC helicopter events throughout the year. The Global 3D is THE contest for all RC helicopter pilots. The bests are flying here for the thropies and the fame given by achieving any result in Venlo

    01 December 2019
  • Helifest 2020 Splash.jpg

    HelifestWeston Park Model Airshow

    The biggest RC helicopter event in the United Kingdom. As in the previous years it will be held with Weston Park Model Air show together. Many programs, retailers, numerous pilots and brands will represent themselves.

    01 December 2019
  • Heliworld Hammelburg.jpg

    HELIWORLD HammelburgHammelburg - Germany

    The legendary Fater's Day heli meeting will be at a new location.

    27 November 2019
  • SRCM Frozen Blades 035.jpg

    Frozen Blades – end season fun flySRCM airfield, tea, greasy bread and many-many flights

    One month after the end season fun fly of Halásztelek and its neighbourhood RC Helicopter Group the Sokoró RCM - organised by Krisztián Nagy - invited the interested pilots to an end season fun fly.

    Horváth, Miklós
    23 November 2019
  • Canberra Helifest Ozzy Mozzy 034.jpg

    Canberra Helifest 2019Nice turn-out and a wonderful weekend

    The Canberra Helifest was taken in place last weekend in Australia. Most of the local top pilots and few others from the rest of the world enjoyed the Canberra Helifest funfly, although it was a little bit hectic due to the weather. Many brands were represented there, at this well organised event.

    19 November 2019
  • TORCH Winter Bash.jpg

    Torchs Winter Bash4 days in Florida

    4 days in warm Florida weather flying model helicopters along with some of the best pilots in the world. RV parking available (No Hook-Ups) Close to Disneyland so bring the family and make a Vacation out of it!!!

    12 November 2019
  • 70644452_1336006919891262_3975466444082118656_o.jpg

    Canberra Helifest FunflyAustralia - 15-17 November

    Sponsored by ZEN RC, The field willbe open for flying from 4pm Thursday 14th. Stay tuned! More details to come soon

    09 November 2019
  • SRCM Sokoro RC Modell 008.jpg

    SRCM - Sokoró R/C Modell KSEWith one of the best Hungarian airfields

    The Sokoró RC Modellers Non-profit Association (SRCM) is a small team, but they are even more determined. The association was founded in April 2007, it has 45 members today.

    Horváth, Miklós
    08 November 2019
  • Heligear funfly.jpg

    Heligear Funflypin Snoopey dongen bosweg/veepad

    Heligear.nl is organising the Funfly on Sunday at the airfield of MVC Snoopey. As they write: As many people as possible with or without heli to one of the last 3d heli meetings of the year.

    07 November 2019
  • 69528322_2211231185835447_2104834124534513664_n.jpg

    XLPower FunFly 20195-7 October - Suzhou, China

    XLPower funfly is a 3D competition and fun fly event near to Shanghai, China. The competition is based on 3DX standards with two classes.

    30 September 2019
  • SA Helifest 2019 Adelaide Model Aerosport 016.jpg

    South Australian Helifest 2019Great success, many memories

    SA Helifest is now over for this year, but it was a great weekend near to Adelaide hosted by the Adelaide Model Aerosports Club. People have attended the event from all over Australia, few of them - like Kenny Ko - arrived from other continents.

    Dennis Beilby
    29 September 2019
  • SA Helifest 2019 2 Geoff Chopsy.jpg

    South Australian Helifest right nowSeason just starts in the Southern Hemisphere

    As the season comes to the end in the North, the Southern Hemisphere just warms up to the season. And the best place to do so is the SA Helifest near to Adelaide, which is happening right now over the weekend.

    28 September 2019
  • BOB logo.png

    BOB - Blades Over BuckminsterBMFA National centre

    A weekend of relaxed rotor craft flying. Helicopters and multi-rotors all welcome.

    31 July 2019
  • Duel Format Competition.jpeg

    Duel Format CompetitionNorth Weald Airfield - UK

    A new format of RC helicopter competition. 24 pilots from 19 countries are flying for the first place in a straight knockout tournament.

    24 July 2019