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    First anniversary of rchelicopterhu.ukEnglish edition of rchelicopter.hu celebrates the first birthday

    English edition of rchelicopter.hu has started a year ago, on 27th of May. The first year of the website was interesting, thank you all for your support, we could not make it without you. Many things happened to us, we collected few key data and facts.

    27 May 2019
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    Sharing your contentEverything about RC helicopters

    If you have got anything to share with the people, do not hesitate to contact us, then we can publish it. Just find us on Facebook, or call us on +44 778 827 2852.

    Szabó, Péter - pgpetike
    08 June 2018
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    A journey just startsrchelicopterhu.uk is now live

    This website about RC helicopters, RC helicopter modelling and flying is now available in English. This is a begin of a new journey informing you guys what's happening in this world. Not the first, but we hope it will be a good one. We do everything we can to get informed and forwarding everything valuable to you.

    Szabó, Péter - pgpetike
    27 May 2018