Helicopters and helicopter kits

Helicopters and helicopter kits

Align T-RexElectric and Nitro helicopters

SAB GoblinElectric and Nitro helicopters

XLPower SpecterElectric helicopters

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Sku: KX022005AT

Align T-Rex 100X Super ComboTransmitter Included

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Out of Stock
Sku: RH50E18XT

Align T-REX 500X ComboIncluding BeastX FBL

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Sku: SG285

SAB Goblin Fireball HavokMotor, ESC, blades, servos combo

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Sku: SG575

SAB Goblin 570Sport Drake Edition

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Sku: SG728

SAB Goblin 700 Sport Drake Edition

Out of Stock
Sku: SG740

SAB Goblin Kraken Helicopter KitWith SAB Rotorblades and tail blades

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Sku: XL55K03

XLPower 550 ComboWith 4020 motor, Rotortech Main Blades and HW 100A v4 ESC

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Sku: XL70K02

XLPower Specter 700 Kitwith RotorTech Blades

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