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After a long hestitation we decided to suspend the webshop for now. We keep selling the products which are supplied directly by the manufacturer and we have a special agreement. This doesn't mean, we give up on all, but we think, suspending the webshop in the current format is the best option.

Instead of running our own webshop, we focus on supporting other retailers with the platform of RCHELICOPTERHU.UK. Simply we haven't enough time and resources to keep the database up-to-date. We are looking for a satisfying solution, but the primary aim of RCHELICOPTERHU.UK is informing the community and promoting the hobby rather tranding with products.

Featured Products


AccuRC 2.0.10Professional RC Simulator

Sku: KX022005AT

Align T-Rex 100X Super ComboTransmitter Included

Out of Stock
Sku: RH15E08XT

Align T-Rex 150X TA (RTF)Transmitter and carry box included

Out of Stock
Out of Stock
Sku: RH50E18XT

Align T-REX 500X ComboIncluding BeastX FBL

Out of Stock
Sku: SG285

SAB Goblin Fireball HavokMotor, ESC, blades, servos combo

Out of Stock
Sku: SG708

SAB Goblin Thunder 700 Sport Havok edition with blades and tail blades

Out of Stock
Sku: SG575

SAB Goblin 570Sport Drake Edition

Out of Stock
Sku: SG728

SAB Goblin 700 Sport Drake Edition

Out of Stock
Sku: SG740

SAB Goblin Kraken Helicopter KitWith SAB Rotorblades and tail blades

Out of Stock
Sku: XL55K03

XLPower 550 ComboWith 4020 motor, Rotortech Main Blades and HW 100A v4 ESC

Out of Stock
Sku: XL55K01

XLPower Specter 550With 4020 motor and Rotortech Main Blades

Out of Stock