19 March 2020

COVID-19 effects on the hobby
RC flying bans, delivery difficulties

Perhaps our hobby is not the most important amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but many of us spend the time with quiet flying somewhere far away from people - wherever it is possible. It is good to know what to expect in case of a need.

COVID-19 effects on the hobby

RC helicopter industry is not so affected in terms of productions in Europe or in America, and luckily the Asian epidemic is also approaching to its end, therefore, no major delays expected. Among the European companies neither Heli-Professional, nor Mikado, nor Blackout have reported supply problems so far. 

Heli-Professional informed us, they are not affected at all apparently, online delivery is operating as usual, all Soxos orders can be fulfilled normally. 

However, the stores in Europe can have difficulties now. The German Mikado Helicopters inform all customers they are available via phone, e-mail and through the www.vstabi.info website. Also the company is dispatching the orders from Monday to Wednesday at least until 31st March. This is due to the strict orders of the German authorities.

The Scorpion Power System delays the announcement of their revolutionary power system, because a key component is still missing.  Kyle Dahl posted that on his Facebook page, the intro video is also delayed.

The Spanish Area-51rc is still operating more or less as normal, they receive orders, dispatch packages, but slight delays can be expected due to the transport difficulties. No supply issues reported by the company.

RB1-RC is running as normal, all orders can be fulfilled. Raquel Bellot is still in the business as usual to provide quality products and services.

The Swiss Helikopter-Baumann is closed, phone customer service is operating on weekdays. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday the company is available between 9AM-12PM and 2PM-5PM, and on Wednesday between 9AM and 12PM.

The UK stores (ATModels, Hely-shop.co.uk and Midland Helicopters) are working as usual, no special measures announced yet, and it is not expected at the moment, the current situation will change, although nothing is guaranteed.

RC Flying in Europe

In the majority of the European countries, the RC flying is not affected yet, however, quite a few countries - Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Austria - introduced very strict regulations of the daily life, which also include RC flying. RC helicopter modelling is not possible (or very limited) in these countries. In other countries it is not recommended to fly in groups, but the RC model flying is not specifically banned.

RC Heli Events

Many events are cancelled already and the list is growing. We try to keep our event list up to date, but check the events on their websites as well before you go. Furtivos 2020, Global 3D, Flipper Fun Fly, Northolt Indoor Fly-in are all cancelled. It seems, the Australian events are not affected at the moment.