24 June 2019

New Align model: T-Rex 300X
Successor of T-Rex 250 to be released

Align T-Rex 300X - a new model from Align is coming very soon - reported by Alan Szabo on Facebook. The helicopter is in the final testing phase.

New Align model: T-Rex 300X
Source: Alan Szabo Jr. - Facebook

We reported earlier that the T-Rex 250 is now discontinued model, and this was confirmed by Align as well. In their confirmation they mentioned that the company is working on replacement model. It seems that model has arrived.

No technical data released yet, but the new 300X (based on the class system used by Align) is slightly bigger than the 250, but significantly smaller than the 450 models. This model follows the X line in regards to its layout and design, therefore the main frame structure will be totally different from the old 250 design. Esc, servos, motor, batteries are all relocated.

We asked Align to tell us more about this model, so more follows...

New Align model: T-Rex 300X