• Kyle Stacy presents the Kraken Nitro conversion kit

    Kyle Stacy presents the Kraken Nitro conversion kitConversion kit is coming

    SAB Goblin Kraken Nitro - and to make it even more interesting: in yellow-blue colour scheme. As Kyle told in this video: the conversion kit is coming in mid November and both the yellow-blue and the orange Krakens can be converted.

  • SAB Goblin Kraken Nitro in AccuRC

    SAB Goblin Kraken Nitro in AccuRCVersion 2.0.10 contains the custom Kraken

    Scott Graham has designed (and crashed) the SAB Goblin Kraken Nitro edition, therefore it is not a model being available in the shops, however now you can fly it at least virtually in AccuRC 2.0.10. Toncsi tested the model on the first day when it has got released. This video is an episode of Toncsi RC series commented and flown by herself.

  • Charmouth Fun Fly in October

    Charmouth Fun Fly in OctoberPhoto selection about the rainy weekend

    Charmouth Fun fly - the longest running fun fly in the United Kingdom was taken in place last weekend. We have created a selection from the pictures about the weekend taken by Alan Robinson.

  • How to build an XLPower Protos 380

    How to build an XLPower Protos 380With your kids...

    Toncsi, Daniel and daddy are assembling the brand new XLPower Protos 380 kit. This video goes through the entire process from the first pulley to the tail blades. We have built the helicopter together presenting that, RC helicopter hobby is not just for adults, even a 9-year-old girl and a 3-year-old boy can assemble this amazing Protos 380 with some adult assistance, and this is a good family activity and fun as well.

  • Day 1 at BOB

    Day 1 at BOBBlades Over Buckminster pictures

    BOB is happening now and this weekend. The first day was nice and more or less sunny with many flights. And even the first A test got passed at the BMFA National Centre. This is a photo selection about the Friday in Buckminster by Alan Robinson.

  • Photos from Heliwood 2019

    Photos from Heliwood 2019Flights, people, moments

    This is our photo collection from the two days long Heliwood 2019. Nice weather, great people, good pilots and a fantastic weekend is behind us. There are many-many memories as well. If you missed it, it has to be in your calendar next year.

  • Raffles at Heliwood 2019

    Raffles at Heliwood 2019Two family and one modellers draws

    Heliwood held three draws during the weekend. Two family raffles - one on Saturday one on Sunday - and a modellers raffle were taken in place. This is a photo selection about the draws. Thanks to all sponsors this would haven't been happen without them.

  • A Schweizer 300 arrives to Heliwood

    A Schweizer 300 arrives to HeliwoodPilot: Attila Miklós

    Heliwood hosted even a full size helicopter. This was the Schweizer 300 piloted by Attila Miklós. The helicopter presented a short demo, then landed at Heliwood, where all the pilots and visitors could get closer the the real helicopter flying.

  • XLPower Protos 380 by Alan Robinson

    XLPower Protos 380 by Alan RobinsonPerhaps the first flying XLPower Protos 380 in the UK

    Alan Robinson just finished his brand new XLPower Protos 380. Almost no doubt, this is the first XLPower Protos 380 flying in the United Kingdom. The refactored MSH Protos 380 is now available in the shops.

  • How to put a soXos Strike 7 together

    How to put a soXos Strike 7 togetherTimelapse video by Miguel Angel Bonilla

    Miguel Angel Bonilla, pilot of Furtivos Team, RB1-RC and Heli-Professional has created a really good video of assembling a soXos Strike 7. It is a timelapse video, and it seems it was a little bit of time, but he is now an expert of building soXos helicopters. If we are right, it took him just below 3 hours. And the electronics (motor, ESC and so on) are not installed yet. But still, it is impressive. Just watch it.

  • Full Pitch Fun Fly

    Full Pitch Fun FlyIn pictures - as we eperienced it

    We have written a summary of the event before. Here is our selection of the photos taken at the great event organised by Rob Bingham and his team. This is how we have seen and experienced one of the greatest events.

  • Farnham Fun Fly

    Farnham Fun FlyFarnham Model Helicopter Club

    We just popped in sadly, because of other to dos. But we have got a nice selection of photos even in this short time. Thanks to Farnham Model Helicopter Club for the invitation.

  • soXos Strike 7: what's in the box?

    soXos Strike 7: what's in the box? Miguel Angel Bonilla opens the box

    Miguel Angel Bonilla, the soXos Team Pilot at Furtivos Team RC is opening the box of a brand new Heli-Professional soXos Strike 7 helicopter, and he is going through, what's in the box. The helicopter is provided by RB1-RC.

  • Helifest 2019

    Helifest 2019and Weston Park Model Air Show - Sunday Photos

    Sunday, the last day of Helifest 2019 was the sunniest day, but it was really gusty. That's why many crashes happened. However this was the first and only day, when it was possible to take better photos than in the previous days - except in the tents, where everything got yellowish, so the Mexican style sepia effect is not intentional...

  • Helifest 2019

    Helifest 2019Photos from Saturday

    Saturday, second day of Helifest 2019 was a little bit better than Friday, although still wet. The scheduled program was suspended time by time because of the rain. Lights were terrible, honestly we didn't know how the pilots could see their helicopters sometimes.

  • Helifest 2019

    Helifest 2019Friday photos

    Friday, the first day of Helifest 2019 wasn't ideal for flying at all. The almost continuous torrential rain has flooded the ground turning everything into a marsh. Just the most determined pilots tried to fly. Therefore the people spent the time mostly in the tents. This album is a collection of photos taken in the afternoon.

  • Heliwood 2019 - Trailer video

    Heliwood 2019 - Trailer videoThe heli festival is on 17-18 August

    "Who the gods love, is kept a child forever." (Jenő Heltai) This is the motto of the annual heli festival next to Budapest, which will be on 17-18 August. EMH SE just released the trailer video.

  • Throwback: Helifest 2016

    Throwback: Helifest attends Helifest for 4 years now

    This was that Helifest where we were attending first time. At that time, the UK edition - - didn't exist yet, however the 10-year-old Hungarian edition reported from the venue.

  • Helifest 2019

    Helifest 2019

    Intro animation with Helifest logo made by Ask for the original uncompressed animation.

  • SAB Goblin Kraken over the water

    SAB Goblin Kraken over the waterTareq Alsaadi in South Africa

    This is a typical Tareq style flight but it is unusual because of the scenery. If it wasn't Tareq even so the scenery itself deserves a watch. Like a CGI or a simulator it looks so perfect. And the Kraken with Tareq makes it even better.