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    Soxos Strike 7 - experiencesWhat the machine provides from the build to the flights

    When first I saw the Soxos Strike 7 in pictures, I knew i wanted to try one... Only one little thing was holding me back from the purchase, it wasn’t available in the UK. As soon as I heard it is coming into the store, I pre-ordered a kit.

    Gábor Szalontay
    02 February 2020
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    Soxos DB7700 size helicopter from Heli Professional

    The Soxos DB7, Swiss brand Heli Professional's flagship helicopter. Specifically, it started life as a Soxos 700 which was modified and updated by world champion Dunkan Bossion. In this article we are going to delve into the details of this helicopter and point out what makes it different to others in the same class.

    Raquel Bellot
    20 August 2018