There is no Align T-Rex 250 anymoreAlign confirms us

Align has confirmed us this morning, they are about finishing to produce T-Rex 250 line. The last model is quite outdated and the hope of a newer version is now gone.

Flight after the school

Flight after the school9-year-old Rhys Wyatt from Australia

Align T-Rex 470L in sunset

Align T-Rex 470L in sunsetBy Alan Szabo Jr.

Today's Goblin

Today's GoblinIn presentation of Master Stacy from 2015

Freestyle 1st place at Southwest Heli Rodeo

Freestyle 1st place at Southwest Heli RodeoBen Storick on the other side of the ocean


BE ORIGINALMessage of SAB Heli Division

SAB Goblin 770 Sport

SAB Goblin 770 SportA cheaper Goblin is on its way

Goblin Kraken

Goblin KrakenThe newest SAB helicopter

New Scorpion ESC software release

New Scorpion ESC software releaseScoprion makes it available online

Heliwood Festival

Heliwood FestivalAlsónémedi, Hungary

SAB Open Day

SAB Open DayKyle Stacy's photos from the event

Night flight by Ben Storick

Night flight by Ben StorickAlign T-Rex 700X - San Diego FunFly

The new Align T-Rex 450 LP

The new Align T-Rex 450 LPThe first videos arrive about this heli

  • Soxos DB7

    Soxos DB7700 size helicopter from Heli Professional

    The Soxos DB7, Swiss brand Heli Professional's flagship helicopter. Specifically, it started life as a Soxos 700 which was modified and updated by world champion Dunkan Bossion. In this article we are going to delve into the details of this helicopter and point out what makes it different to others in the same class.

  • XLPower Specter 700

    XLPower Specter 700Electric helicopter kit

    The Specter 700 is the biggest model of XLPower. Made of durable but lightweight materials, like titanium, carbon fiber, aluminium. The mainshaft is wider than usual main shafts in this size, its diameter is 15 mm.

  • Mikado Logo 600 SX

    Mikado Logo 600 SXElectric helicopter

    The Logo 600 SX is one of the most successful helicopter of Mikado, it's available since 2010 without any major changes actually. What more, it can be declared this is one of the most successful helicopter in its category. Who has ever flown this heli, can't really tell anything bad about it

  • SAB Goblin 500

    SAB Goblin 500

    A great helicopter of the Italian SAB Goblin series. The Sport edition can be listed as a "cheaper" one whilst it's free of all compromises. Based on its flying capabilities it can be a beginner helicopter as well. However even the Combo kit doesn't contain everything, owners have to decide about some questions.

  • Align T-Rex 600XN

    Align T-Rex 600XNThe new version of 600 nitro

    Its previous model, the 600N was the longest manufactured Align model, and the last classic Align helicopter without any main changes since the beginning. Now the new 600 has arrived, which mixes the appearance of 700XN with the experiences of former 600. Some parts inherited from the 550. After all it can be declared, there is no part in this model which hasn't changed comparing to the previous one.

  • Blade Fusion 480

    Blade Fusion 480Electric helicopter

    A potentially good and interesting helicopter from Blade RC. Don't get confused of its number, because it's bigger than an average 500. We will return to this later. It follows the classical patterns from many points of view, but there are numerous interesting innovations from other aspects. At the end this is a remarkable aircraft.